Our  Legislative Priorities

Bold, Equitable, and Effective Climate Policy

From devastating wildfires and rising sea levels displacing communities, to ocean acidification affecting our shellfish industry, climate change impacts are already being felt across Washington state. At the same time, the fossil fuel industry continues their work undoing years of climate progress, at the state and federal level. It’s time Washington state steps up and takes equitable climate action.

Our top priority is calling on the legislature to charge major corporate polluters for the pollution they cause and reinvest those dollars into a better future. Putting those dollars into equitable, climate-driven investments will create good family-wage jobs, accelerate clean energy solutions, protect our health and safety, and ensure a resilient environment. We must invest in communities that are disproportionately impacted by air pollution and climate change threats, and ensure a just transition for workers currently reliant on the fossil fuel economy. In the face of serious and escalating climate change risks, 2018 is the year for equitable climate action that will move Washington forward.


The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy also supports the following priorities:

Capital Budget

We are calling on our elected officials to pass a Capital Budget in 2018 to ensure we are able to fund necessary programs across the state. The failure to pass a Capital Budget in 2018 affects a wide range of programs and projects, including projects to build new schools, update water treatment systems, low-income weatherization, preserve historic places, reduce pollution, improve state parks, protect against flooding and wildfires, and more.


Washington Voting Rights Act

For government to be held accountable, all voices need to be heard. Currently our election systems in Washington prevents all neighborhoods from being represented in local government. That’s why we need to pass the The Washington Voting Rights Act (WVRA) which will ensure all communities have a fair chance to elect candidates of their choice in local elections. The WVRA recognizes that every local community is different and does not mandate any particular voting system, nor mandate that candidates of any particular color or ethnicity get elected. Instead, WVRA gives everyone an equal opportunity to elect candidates of their choice.


Pesticide Drift

Each year, communities across Washington state are exposed to dangerous pesticides through pesticide drift. Pesticide drift occurs when pesticides are blown beyond their targeted farms and inadvertently land within towns and on people, causing flu-like symptoms. Washington’s Department of Health reports that those most harmed by pesticide drift are often farmworkers and children in nearby schools.

We can easily protect people from pesticide drift through creating an electronic pesticide notification system. Washington state should pass the Pesticide Drift Bill to create a notification system in which a grower’s neighbors would receive a text message or robo-call 2-48 hours before applying pesticides. This would give surrounding community members and farmworkers adequate notice to avoid the area.

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